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Company Profiles

Shui Lee, Technical Director, graduated from the University of Strathclyde with a PhD in Metallurgy.  Following a period as Research Associate at the University, Shui joined Bridon International as Project Engineer in their Technical Centre before moving to Canada.  He was employed as Metallurgist for Greening Donald and subsequently worked for Central Wire as their Quality and Technical Development Manager.  Having spent 15 years in Canada, Shui returned to the UK in 2012 where he became a shareholder in DAS and was appointed as Technical Director.

Tony Forster joined British Ropes Technical Centre where he gained his qualifications as an Industrial Chemist.  He was subsequently promoted to Chief Chemist for the Technical Centre and was responsible for the Service Sections.  On leaving Bridon, when the Technical Centre closed, he joined up with Dr Don Wood to establish Doncaster Analytical Services as an independent laboratory.  Tony is a leading expert on wire rope lubricants and was responsible for the design of many of the rope lubricants that have been used by the Bridon Group.  He is responsible for the DAS wet chemistry laboratory including the new atomic absorption spectrometer.


Dr Don Wood graduated in Metallurgy from Manchester Polytechnic and completed his PhD in Metallurgy there before joining British Ropes, now Bridon International, as a Technician in their Technical Centre.  When Bridon International closed the Centre in 1995, Don, together with Tony Forster, established Doncaster Analytical Services as an independent laboratory. From his time at Bridon, Don has extensive experience in the analysis and testing of carbon steel rod, wire, strand and rope and with DAS has acquired extensive knowledge of the testing and analysis of a wide range of metal components.